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Gretl: Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library

for Mac OS X on Intel (quartz version)

Getting gretl

You have a choice of the latest "official" release or the current "snapshot". The snapshot is more up to date: often it will contain bug-fixes but sometimes it will contain newly introduced bugs. To see what's new in the snapshot, take a look at the gretl Change log (the "in progress" entry).

latest release (Jan 26, 2016)


OR current snapshot


Tip: If you're updating your gretl installation it's probably a good idea to delete the old version of gretl before installing the new one.

Installing gretl

1. Click to download either the latest release or the "snapshot". The selected gretl file should appear in your Downloads after a short while. Once the download is complete, minimize your browser window so you can see what's happening on your own computer.

2. Double-click on the gretl file in Downloads to open the gretl "disk image". If you don't see a gretl disk-image window after double-clicking, open the Finder and look at the foot of the left-hand pane. The names of any currently available disk images should be shown there. Double click on "gretl" to make it appear.

3. Once you've got the gretl disk-image window in view, you should see a gretl icon and a folder labeled "Applications". Drag the gretl icon onto Applications to install the program.

4. Navigate to Applications in the Finder and you should now see a gretl icon there. Double-clicking should start gretl. On its first run gretl may take a while to start, as it scans the fonts available on your system. If gretl starts OK, you can drag its icon from Applications onto the dock to get a quick-launcher.

5. Finally, clean up. Open the finder and go to the bottom of the left-hand pane. If you see an item there for gretl, use the little up-arrow button to eject it. Then go to your Downloads: you can move the original gretl dmg file to the trash.

Note on Mavericks: If you're trying to install on OS X Mavericks you may find that the OS rejects the installation, or won't let the program run, on the grounds that gretl "was not downloaded from the Mac App Store". This is not hard to fix. There's a good discussion with screenshots here, but just in case that link goes bad here's the short version:

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Under the Personal tab, select the item named "Security & Privacy".

3. Go to the General tab and unlock the menu (the little padlock marked "Click the lock to make changes").

4.Under the section "Allow applications downloaded from" select Anywhere.


The gretl disk image is documented in README-quartz.pdf, which contains some suggestions for trouble-shooting. Briefly, if you want to debug a non-functioning gretl on OS X, please try this: open a Terminal window and run the following commands (change the first line if you installed gretl somewhere other than /Applications):

cd /Applications/Gretl.app/Contents/MacOS

This should give you some feedback on what is going wrong.

Optional extras

You may wish to install X-13-ARIMA-SEATS and/or TRAMO/SEATS. These are specialized programs for analysis of seasonal time series data, in versions compatible with gretl.

X-13-ARIMA-SEATS for Intel Mac


TRAMO/SEATS for Intel Mac