Libgretl Overview

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Gretl stands for Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-Series Library. The libgretl library is free software released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

Libgretl has been developed as the common back end for the command-line program gretlcli and the GUI program gretl. In some ways the library is closely tied to these programs but we hope it may also be useful to third-party coders, and to that end we have begun to document the libgretl API. At this stage the documentation is still radically incomplete but we aim to gradually increase its coverage; and in that process we will no doubt have to clarify and regularize some of the APIs themselves.

In the contents listing for this document you will see that some sections are titled with a bare name (corresponding to the name of a libgretl C source file) while others have a fuller title including a short explanatory string. The latter sections are, for the most part, reasonably fully documented and present relatively coherent APIs; the former are presented as is and may or may not contain much explanation at this point.

Note that if you are using the libgretl API in a program of your own, you should call libgretl_init() before calling any other gretl function, and you may wish to call libgretl_cleanup() once you're finished using the library. See Utilities.